About Beacon EmbeddedWorks

20+ Years of Cutting-Edge SOMs and Embedded Electronics

With unparalleled experience in developing system-on-modules (SOMs) and embedded electronics, Beacon EmbeddedWorks moves your innovations forward by creating award-winning SOMs and embedded electronics products, effectively accelerating your time to market. Beacon EmbeddedWorks, a discoverIE Group plc company, was created to build on Logic PD’s 20-year history of developing proprietary SOMs and embedded electronics with new product lines and expanded capabilities for customers, exceeding expectations with pre-certified and verified SOMs that are powerful, compact, secure, and customizable.

In addition to providing superior SOMs and embedded electronics products, Beacon EmbeddedWorks takes pride in offering end-to-end services. Our team of experts handles every aspect of the process, from initial research and design development to manufacturing and ongoing support, allowing customers to seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge technology into their solutions while saving valuable time and resources.

A Deeper Look Into Beacon EmbeddedWorks

Our Vision

To drive our customers’ product innovations with the most advanced embedded technologies.

Our Business

Customized embedded products and production that deliver exactly what our customers need.

Our Commitment

Be a tireless ally for our customers.


Core Values – Principles That Guide Us

Our values shape our culture and drive our success. They allow us to deliver value for our customers and focus on growth.

discoverIE Group plc


discoverIE logoBeacon EmbeddedWorks is a proud member of discoverIE Group plc, an international group of businesses that designs, manufactures, and supplies highly differentiated, innovative components for electronics applications. Employing over 4,600 people and operating in the UK, continental Europe, Asia, and North America, discoverIE Group serves the renewable energy, transportation, medical, and industrial & connectivity markets. Working with discoverIE Group, Beacon EmbeddedWorks continues to focus on creating the most advanced System-on-Modules and embedded products to ensure customers can bring their innovations to market faster and maintain leadership in their industry.

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