Webinar: How to accelerate embedded GUI development for your i.MX 8M Nano SOM projects

Webinar – July, 21st at 10AM CT

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An exceptional user interface is a must-have for today’s electronic devices. As user expectations rise, hardware and embedded GUI must become increasingly intertwined to enable streamlined development of cutting-edge products. Will your device delight users with outstanding performance and highly intuitive interface?

Join our System on Module (SOM) experts at Beacon EmbeddedWorks and Crank Software’s embedded GUI innovators for a joint webinar. In the session we discuss how the combined power of Beacon EmbeddedWorks’ high-reliability i.MX 8M Nano SOM and Crank Software’s industry-leading Storyboard GUI development platform can help your hardware and software development seamlessly integrate to create exceptional devices.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why the i.MX 8M Nano SOM is the great choice for your next product
  • What makes Storyboard different from other UI development tools
  • How Storyboard can help your GUI apps fluid to design changes
  • Integrated tools that help avoid the hurdles that often disrupt embedded GUI development
  • About Storyboard’s development workflow via a live demo

Featured Speakers:

  • Russ Stebner – Sr. Director of Product, Beacon EmbeddedWorks
  • Nik Schultz – Field Application Engineer, Crank Software
  • Scott Snider – Product Marketing Manager, Crank Software

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