Whether you are seeking an off-the-shelf solution to accelerate your product development, or a SOM fully customized and configured to your needs, Beacon EmbeddedWorks has you covered. Beacon EmbeddedWorks can provide comprehensive and custom-tailored support for your hardware and software.


Our team delivers everything from off-the-shelf solutions to fully customized SOMs, designed for your specific application. Whether you need to alter a few components or revamp your entire SOM, Beacon EmbeddedWorks has the tools to ensure your success.

Since we design and manufacture our own SOMs there’s no limit to the available customization and we can also design and manufacture your baseboard or any additional circuit boards in your system.

Full Custom Solutions

Sometimes the perfect solution requires more than a few tweaks. Our team is prepared to offer full custom solutions. We’ll help architect your SOM from scratch to fit the specific needs of your product.

Never compromise. Customize your design from the processor up.

Partial Customization

Beacon EmbeddedWorks’ expert development team provides hands-on support to customize your SOM and carrier board for your needs. Our experts help modify the functional capabilities, peripherals, and interfaces of your SOM to suit your needs.

Build onto an existing SOM for expanded functionality or remove components to save costs and space, Beacon EmbeddedWorks SOMs are designed for what you need.

Compliance and Certification

Our SOMs already carry many of the regulatory certifications necessary for devices serving regulated industries in North America, South America, and Europe. Every SOM is RoHS compliant, and many carry additional certifications.

When unique applications require niche certifications, our hardware customization capabilities help you ensure compliance, and our applications engineers can assist in taking your final product through regulatory and compliance testing.



Our team provides board support packages (BSPs) for Android, Crank, FreeRTOS, Linux, Windows IoT core and Yocto. We can also provide BSPs for additional operating systems as requested. By providing full software customization and development in-house you never have to rely on third party providers. No matter your software requirements, our team is made up of experts that you can rely on.

Custom Drivers

Beacon EmbeddedWorks’ embedded software developers can also develop custom drivers for many types of peripherals that complete your system. You can utilize Beacon EmbeddedWorks developers to optimize your system for fast boot times, low power consumption, and many other options to suit your needs.

Software Applications

Beacon EmbeddedWorks software developers are familiar with just about every major programming language, so they can also help with creating or modifying your application software. Real-time control, FPGAs, DSPs, bare metal, microcontrollers, mobile applications, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, cloud development… we’ve done it all and can help your project be a success!


Our exhaustive range of available software applications is not limited by what already exists. When unique specifications necessitate custom software applications, the Beacon EmbeddedWorks team is equipped to develop a solution from scratch. Whether we already have a software solution, or develop it just for you, Beacon EmbeddedWorks software will get the job done.