Lifecycle Support

Beacon EmbeddedWorks SOMs have long product lifecycles, typically well over a decade, and are supported through EOL and beyond. Our post-manufacturing support services cover any necessary rework or update needs to prolong product lifecycle and improve performance. Beacon EmbeddedWorks SOMs utilize common form factors and functional layouts to facilitate easy product updates. Even when a SOM is out of production, our cross-compatible solutions enable lifecycle extension and next generation device development.

Lifecycle Extension

When component EOL threatens to prematurely stunt product lifecycle, our team is well versed in lifecycle extension tactics. From component change outs to SOM updates with backwards compatibility, Beacon EmbeddedWorks SOMs are designed for longevity.

Component Change Out

Individual component obsolescence does not compromise the longevity of your SOM itself. Our component change out strategies allow for obsolete components to be easily replaced without requiring a complete redesign.

Product Updates

The Beacon EmbeddedWorks team continually offers updates for operating systems and board support packages to keep your SOM relevant. Updates to specific, unique drivers and OS overhauls can improve performance with the ease of a software update.


Our SOMs are thoroughly pre-tested to secure unwavering reliability. But the value of our testing goes beyond functional verification. We also offer concept trade off testing to refine device specifications and regulatory testing to ensure compliance. Our experience serving regulated markets has refined our regulatory testing and certification processes.

Beacon EmbeddedWorks’ comprehensive testing capabilities ensure your SOMs are steadfast to drive a device that never falters.

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