As specialists in serving the most highly regulated markets, Beacon EmbeddedWorks understands the importance of security. Our SOMs come with built in security measures to ensure your device is well protected. Impenetrable security is created by weaving a web of protective features. With hardware and software security measures embedded from the start, Beacon EmbeddedWorks products deliver protection that is unbreachable.

Hardware Security

Security starts with the processor. We utilize processors and controllers with built in security measures to ensure your SOM is protected. Beacon EmbeddedWorks further implements security elements to provide ID verification and encryption for connected applications. For customers who need security that goes above and beyond the norm, we fully customize hardware to maximize security.

Software Security

Our software security suite covers you from boot up to shut down. With security ingrained into your OS boot processes and available through cloud security services, your device is only accessible through the designed channels. Beacon EmbeddedWorks is prepared to further ramp up security through software customization in applicable cases.

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Aerospace & Defense

Need support that goes beyond the SOM?

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