Supply Chain

Rest easy knowing Beacon EmbeddedWorks’ comprehensive logistical support services ensure a streamlined supply chain. With an ERP system for material visibility and global procurement capabilities, you know where your product is at all times. Our strategic customer focused supply chain is designed to facilitate the smooth flow of product from raw materials to end devices. Realize stress-free logistics with our supply chain management services at your disposal.

Supplier Relationships

Leverage our relationships with strategic suppliers to reduce material costs and overcome accessibility constraints.

Global Network

Connect with markets around the world without leaving your home town. Our network of suppliers and distributors helps you find new trusted suppliers and access new customers.

Design for Integration and Design for Supply Chain

Beacon EmbeddedWorks SOMs are designed with the customer in mind. Our solutions are specially architected for easy integration into the end device and use components that facilitate a smooth supply chain.

TI App Platform

Other Industries

Soldier Tracking

Aerospace & Defense

Next Generation Defibrillator

Medical & Life Sciences

Need support that goes beyond the SOM?

Reach out to Beacon EmbeddedWorks to learn more about our comprehensive customization and support options.