System on Modules

Beacon EmbeddedWorks SMs enable and accelerate high-performance device development. Our versatile, reliable solutions can be applied in a variety of industries with near-endless functions. Infuse your device with powerful processing, real-time connectivity, and unwavering reliability, all in a module as small as a dime.

As product-ready solutions, our SoMs are fully tested and ready to be integrated into your devices. Jumpstart your product development with an off-the-shelf SoM that already has the relevant regulatory certifications, then rest easy knowing our team provides US-based, in-house support for the entire product lifecycle.


We are trusted SM developers for industry-leading CPU manufacturers including NXP, Renesas, TI and Xilinx.


Board Support Packages (BSPs) are included with every SoM. With a wide range of operating system options, Beacon EmbeddedWorks provides the tools for your device to succeed in any application.


Beacon EmbeddedWorks specializes in connected devices and IoT solutions. Our SoMs are equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT cellular.


Beacon EmbeddedWorks offers SoMs based on processors from the most reliable processor manufacturers.


NXP processors are among the most versatile embedded applications processors. Our NXP solutions include single, dual, and quad-core designs that can handle a wide range of applications in a small footprint with low power consumption.


Texas Instruments provides some of the smallest processors in their class. Our TI solutions include an ARM processor and DSP in the smallest footprints with the fastest boot times.


Renesas processors provide high performance and advanced graphics capabilities for embedded systems. Our Renesas solutions are feature-dense all-in-one solutions that even include LTE Cat M1 connectivity.


Xilinx offers some of the most innovative processors designs. Our Xilinx solutions include an ARM processor and an FPGA to provide the utmost flexibility for your application.


Beacon EmbeddedWorks develops all of our own Board Support Packages (BSPs) and most options are included for free with your SoM purchase. We support Android, Crank, FreeRTOS, Linux, Windows IoT core, and Yocto for many of our devices. Our BSPs include the drivers, bootloaders and packages to support all the peripherals included on the SoMs. Beacon EmbeddedWorks continues to provide updates and security patches throughout the lifecycle of the products. Beyond our existing BSPs, Beacon EmbeddedWorks can help with application development and custom BSP options.

Beacon EmbeddedWorks Software Support




Our Wi-Fi connectivity expertise will help you take your device to the next level. From remote reporting and monitoring to full IoT automation, embedding your device with Wi-Fi connectivity increases its functional potential.

Pre-certified radio modules make it easier to deploy your device globally.


Leverage our Bluetooth expertise for short-distance communications, medical applications, and machine to machine (M2M) communication. Bluetooth is perfectly suited for communicating to a mobile phone or tablet so your device can be connected to the world.


Our cellular connectivity capabilities help you connect your devices while maximizing security and IoT potential. Our cellular IoT capabilities include LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT to provide connectivity to the cloud and enable technological advancements in nearly every industry.


Ethernet connections still offer unrivaled security and dependability. An uninterrupted, powerful Ethernet connection gives your device the scalability to handle data intensive computing for crucial tasks. Sometimes a device doesn’t need to be wireless. For tasks where reliability is paramount, Beacon has the capabilities to deliver.


Beacon EmbeddedWorks has been developing connected solutions since before IoT was a buzzword. Now the market for IoT solutions is exploding, and companies are racing to develop the most innovative products on the market. We have the expertise you need to launch smart, connected devices that shatter the status quo. IoT solutions are helping to streamline processes across industries, and early adopters are seeing market share growth. Leverage our IoT expertise and product-ready SOMs to be the first-to-market, with a product competitors can’t match.