WattsonTM Power Monitoring Solution

Streamline Your Power Monitoring

Overcoming power consumption constraints is a common and critical issue faced by developers across industries. Beacon EmbeddedWorks understands the importance of minimizing power consumption and maximizing system efficiency. Comprehensive platform development and optimization efforts are often required to be built from scratch or by an expensive third-party platform developer. That’s why we developed WattsonTM – Beacon EmbeddedWorks proprietary solution for power monitoring and optimization! WattsonTM is a simple ‘plug-and-play’ solution for power monitoring in even the most demanding applications.

Wattson Power Management

Real-Time Measurements and Benchmark Data

WattsonTM logs data in real-time, providing benchmark measurements on optimized systems to support flawless implementation into your embedded devices. Developers will receive measurements including minimum, average, and maximum readings for both current and power. Developers can even pause or reset measurements during run-time, and the log provides both date/time stamps and debug log files to isolate power consumption occurring during boot, run, or suspend events.

Visual Display and Total System Power Usage

WattsonTM generates graphical data that illustrates total system power usage across several domains. This functionality allows customers to isolate the power usage between the SOM and baseboard domains. When used in conjunction with our baseboards, software engineers can monitor power usage of their operating system during development, even before their initial baseboard design is complete. This lets you design your embedded device with power efficiency in mind from the beginning.

Easy Installation on Windows or Linux

WattsonTM can be easily installed and run on Windows or Linux. The host PC can be connected to the baseboard’s dedicated power measurement USB port with the provided cable kit, so you can start collecting power measurement data.

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The WattsonTM Advantage

While other embedded systems experts may recommend costly custom solutions or refer you to third-party developers, we include WattsonTM power monitoring with every development kit. Our SOMs are specifically designed for efficiency and are supported by tools that can help you minimize power consumption while maximizing performance. WattsonTM – just one more advantage of choosing Beacon EmbeddedWorks for your embedded device solutions.

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